Granite Care

Different granites will have different levels of resistance toward staining and scratching; ask your designer or sales associate about the characteristics of your particular material. While cutting directly on granite surfaces will not affect the large majority of granites, cutting boards are recommended to avoid quickly dulling knives. Repeated use of a knife in the same place on a granite countertop can eventually wear down the polish.

Lighter colored granites will be more prone to staining than darker ones. Wiping spills immediately will help avoid most potential staining. To help repel stains, granite is sealed with a penetrating sealer (stone impregnator) before installation. We recommend periodically re-sealing granite according to the sealer's instructions. Products such as coffee, red wine, cooking oils, butter, lemon juice, tomatoes, and anything else acidic should be wiped off the countertop as soon as possible. Take care to use the proper cleaning agents; those that are ammonia based can etch the granite and dull its polish.

Hot pots may be set directly on granite with no potential for the stone to show burn marks. Take caution after removing a hot pot from a stone surface, as the stone will absorb heat from the pot and may be hot to the touch.


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